Quote: When You Remember Me

“When you remember me, it means you have carried something of who I am with you, that I have left some mark of who I am on who you are.

It means you can summon me back to your mind even though countless years and miles stand between us.” — Frederick Buechner

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Luke Martin 1918 Draft Card

LUKE MARTIN – U.S. World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

Permanent Home Address: RFD 4 Box 48 City Dallas AL

Age: 33, Born 1885

Occupation: Farmer

Employer: Mrs. C.F. Grin

Nearest Relative: Julia Phillips (same address, I believe her husband is Max Phillips)

Tall, Slender Build, Brown eyes, Black hair

Sept 12, 1918

Note: Uncle Luke & Aunt Julia are siblings to my (g) grandmother, Sarah Jane Martin. Their parents are Jane (Judge) and Jordan Martin of Dallas County, Alabama.

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Frank Martin 1918 Draft Card

Frank Martin Draft Card, 1918 * Summerfield, Dallas County, Alabama

Residence: Summerfield Alabama

Age: 20

Date of Birth: June 1898

Race: Negro

Occupation: Farm Laborer

Employer Name: Lucy Greene

Nearest Relative: Lucy Green, Summerfield, Ala

Medium Height, Medium Build, Black Hair


Frank Martin is a cousin. Another cousin that worked for Sol & Lucy Greene is Herbert Martin.

Sol and Lucy (Callens) Greene lived in Summerfield, Dallas County, Alabama and worked as farmers, they are also relatives.

I believe the parents of Frank Martin are Jim (James, b. 1873) and Lucy Martin (b. 1888). Jim is the brother of my (g) great-grandmother, Sarah Jane Martin. Which makes Frank Martin a cousin.

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Lettie Austin (Martin) – Death Certificate – Dallas County, AL

Lettie Austin (maiden name Martin)

Born: 1900

Death: Sept. 17, 1946

Spouse: Rich Austin

Father: Jordan Martin

Mother: Jane Martin

Film# 1908811


Aunt Lettie (Martin) Austin is the sister of my (g) great-grandmother, Sarah Jane Martin. Their parents, Jordan & Judge Martin, were farmers living in Dallas County, Alabama (Woodlawn and Summerfield) and had 9 children together.

Lettie and her husband, Rich, lived in Brent (Bibb County), Alabama, with their family. Rest in peace Aunt Lettie.

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Wes Martin – Death Certificate – Dallas County, AL

Wes Martin

Date of Death: May 8, 1923

Place: Selma, Alabama (Dallas County)

Spouse: Alberta Martin

Father: –rden Martin (Jordan)

Mother: Jane Martin

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Bama M. Dock (Martin) – Death Certificate

Bama M. Dock (maiden name Martin)

Death: April 24, 1971

Place: Selma, Alabama (Dallas County)

Father: Jordan Martin

Mother: Jane Martin

film # 2051650

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Oliver Family Tree (Early Generations) – Perry County, AL

Early history of the Oliver Family of Perry County, Alabama

Perry County, Alabama, near Marion and Old Town

Reubin Oliver b. 1845, farmer (Father from AL, Mother from GA)  married Edith “Edie” b. 1830 (both parents from TN)


Clarisy b. 1830

Jessie (son) b. 1851

Dennis b. Jan. 1857

Scott b. May 1863

Alferd/Alfred b. June 1866


Scott Oliver lived in Old Town, farmer dies May 5, 1915

wife Lou T b. Jan 1875

daughter, Francis b. 1897

son, Tom b, March 1899

son, Clifton, b. 1908

son (not named at time of census) b. 1910


1880 Census Old Town

Eady Oliver (widow) b. 1830, farmer

son, Dennis b. 1858, farmer
daughter-in-law, Emma, b. 1860

son, Scott b. 1865

son, Alferd b. 1866


Dennis Oliver married Margaret/Muggie b. Dec. 1860

Farmer, Marion (Off Mail Route 5)
Lula b. Dec 1896
Hattie b. 1902
Bertha b. 1903

Dennis Oliver died Feb. 17, 1937
He is buried in Camolite Cemetary

I just started this..please feel free to add in where needed. Or contact me if you are a relative. :) Lynn

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