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“St. Paul Garbage Barge” by DP, age 6


DP, Nora and I love to take walks and explore. This was taken on a summer walk along the St. Paul riverfront. DP asked to use my camera and snapped a picture of this barge with the Lafayette Bridge in the background, he later edited the picture using Adobe. I am excited to watch DP learn more about photography, and see what catches his eye!
Great work son 🙂

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Marriage: Paul & Laura Ford, Perry County, AL

Perry County, Alabama Marriage Records (1820-1894)


Radford, Laura married Ford, Paul on 8-Feb-1878 (recorded on page)A p.132

Paul and Laura Ford resided in Perryville, Alabama. Paul Ford was a farmer.
Love of a Lifetime

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A Place Called Home: Quote by Richard Pelzer

“The value of one soul is greater than any single thing upon this earth. For there can be nothing greater than raising a child in preparation for the journey back to where he came from, a place where his immortal Father lives, a place known as heaven, a place called home.” ~ Richard Pelzer.

I chose this verse for my daughter’s Baby Dedication

After we fled our home due to domestic violence, I found the copy of this verse (that I had written down) thrown in the garbage bin. I don’t know what compelled me to look in the garbage, but the bin was so large that I was leaning into the bin, both legs off the ground, when I found this verse.

I believe that when you dedicate your life to God, He will be there for you–through everything. Finding this verse was a reminder of that. God was telling me that He will reach down into my life, even the mess, and rescue me. He will lead me from homelessness to a place called home.

In Our Hearts, ©2007

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Martin Families in the 1900 Census—Summerfield, Alabama

Jim Martin b. July 1872, farmer
Lucy Martin b. May 1880
Frank b. Nov(?) 1896
Hubbard b. August 1898
Jordan b. July 1889

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Julia Martin b. May 1882

Note: Julia Martin is my aunt. I believe her parents are Jordan and Jane (affectionately known as “Judge”) Martin. Julia Martin later married William Phillips and had a daughter named Sarah. Julia had a sister named Bama (I have not been able to find Bama in any of the records…it is possible that Bama is a nickname, and the name she was born with is Agnes?). Bama married a man with the last name of Dock and had a daughter named Jane. I am also related to a Luke Martin and a Jim (Martin or Green).

Emanuel Martin (African-American family, father is from Alabama, farmer)
Laura Martin
(father is from North Carolina)

George Ann b. 1873
Mack b. 1874
Nannie b. 1876
Robert Lee b. 1878

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Jordan Martin b. 1846 (African-American family, father is from North Carolina, mother is from Virginia, farmer)
Jane (affectionately named “Judge”) Martin b. 1850 (both parents born in Virginia)
Willie b. 1868
Sarah Jane b. 1871
James b. 1873
Agnes b. 1875

Note: Sarah Jane is the mother of my great-grandmother. She married Simon Robbins, a neighbor, and had a daughter named Mary Ella (also called “Mel”). My Martin relatives are buried at Wayman’s Chapel (near Four Mile Branch) and Elmwood Cemetery (Selma). Jordan Martin’s family and Emanuel Martin’s family are recorded as living close to each other in the 1880 census as well.

Henry Martin b. 1797 (Euro-American family, father born in North Carolina, farmer)
Amanda Martin b. 1832 (father from Alabama, father is from Kentucky)

William Martin b. 1843 (African-American family, father born in South Carolina, farmer)

Dosia Martin b. 1850

Bob Martin b. 1825 (African-American family, father from Virginia)
Rachel Martin b. 1835 (father from Virginia)
Archie b. 1862
Mary b. 1866
Jimmie b. 1869
Bella b. 1874

Joe Martin b. 1835 (African-American family, father from South Carolina)

Caroline Eaves Martin b. 1835 (both parents from South Carolina)
Mother of Caroline Martin is Lucy Eaves (both parents from South Carolina)


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