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Anthony and Caroline Ford: Perry Co, AL

Anthony Ford married Caroline Williams December 17, 1872.

(1867-1876 Perry County Marriage Records, p. 454)

“Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away.” – Song of Solomon 8:7.

Waterfall in sunlight from:

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Lycan’s Story

Lycan Lycan came to us in June of 2006. My daughter worked during the summer at the animal shelter. I have never seen anyone with such a passion for animals. On a hot summer evening when she came home she told me of a puppy that was brought in that was no more that two weeks old. Someone found him on the side of the road near death and brought him into the shelter. He had been eaten into the flesh by maggots and ants. He was only a couple of breaths from being dead. My daughter and the shelter manager cleaned him up with peroxide baths and antibiotic ointments and wrapped him in a blanket. He was not moving , but his heart was still beating.

The next couple of mornings that she went in to work she only worked with this puppy. After about three days he began to come around. She even began to call him Puff because he looked like a black cottonball. I gave her permission to bring the little puppy home to watch him during the night until he got better. When she walked into the house she was carrying a cat kennel. I peeped into the kennel and I didnt see anything and I asked her where is the pupy, she replied he’s in there. I looked again and still didnt see anything. She sat the kennel down and opened the door and put her long hands towards the back and pulled out a small hand towel and lifted it up to me and opened it and there was a small ball of hair. I took the little thing in my hands and fell in love. He was so battered and bruised with several holes deeply penetrating is skin.

His start on this Earth was a very rocky one, but if you were to see him now. It’s almost been a year and you would not know that it was the same puppy. He has beautiful wavy black hair that has covered where the holes use to be. He loves to play and run from our large dogs. When the door bell rings, he is the first to go to the door. Lycans life reminds me of the song His Eye Is On The Sparrow. I know that if God brought him through all that he went through to a home where he is loved and cared for so much, then I know that he will carry us, his children, through whatever we go through.

Midnight Nile, ©2007.

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