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Henry and Alice (“Allie”) Mc Clwain/Ilwain: 1900

Family of Henry and Alice (“Allie”) Mc Clwain: 1900
Valley Creek, Alabama

Henry Mc Clwain, 35
Alice Mc Clwain, 34
Pink “, 14
Alberta “, 15
Delhi “, 8
Mattie “, 5
Mary “, 4
Ada “, 3
Narca “, 2
Babe “, 1
Mealy Mc Clwain, 60
Lucy Morre, 50

Note: Alberta Mc Clwain/Ilwain is a cousin by marriage. Her husband is known by both “Wes/Wess” and “West” Martin. I am looking for more information on this family line. Henry and Alice Mc Clwain/Ilwain also lived in Selma.

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Valley Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery * Land & Kin

Valley Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Dallas County, Alabama

On Valley Creek Church Road, off State Hwy 22 North.
When you come out of Selma on State Hwy 22 North right outside the city limits to the left is Valley Creek Church Road. Turn left on that
road and go about four miles, The cemetery is on the right on a hill and you really have to watch for it or you will pass it.

Surveyed and recorded by Kay Pomeroy & Jean Pickering


The Green, Martin, and Ford family lived throughout Dallas County in Valley Creek, Woodlawn, Summerfield and Selma. The history of my family begins in slavery, and has developed along farming, and the families whose land my ancestors worked.

This cemetary record of Valley Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery includes plots from the Crawford, Morgan and Kenan families of Valley Creek. These are the places my family would have worked and lived, along the gravel background leading into an isolated, wooded hamlet of farms. Other families in this cemetary include Waugh, Bondurant, Callen, Gilmer and others.


James Ellis Crawford Nov. 26, 1859 Oct. 17, 1916. Dearest PAP thou hast
left us here thy loss we deeply feel but tis GOD who hath bereft us,
He can allour sorrows heal.

Note: My great-grandmother, Mary Ella Martin-Morton (Mel, Mary) worked on the Crawford Place in Valley Creek, off Rangeline Road. She raised several children there, including my grandfather. The Greens and the Martins are cousins, and would often visit each other.


Roy R. Morgan Pfc. US Army World War II May 15, 1916 Dec. 1, 1988.

John Lewis Morgan October 19, 1885 July 14, 1969

Vesta Crawford Morgan October 5, 1889 September 1, 1985

Infant son of John & Vesta Morgan Aug. 18, 1910

Note: An older cousin told me, that her family worked the land of John Morgan. I used her recollections when researching family history and found the families of Willie and Ethel Greene and of Sol Greene to live next to John and Vesta Morgan in Valley Creek My great-grandfather, Pettus Ford, is also said to have worked the Morgan Place.


One head stone
William Josiah Rountree born July 10, 1843 died March 10, 1916
Confederate Soldier 1861 1865
Sarah Elizabeth Morrison wife of W.J. Rountree born Aug. 1847 died Feb.
26, 1914 She hath done what she could. Sarah Rountree

Jessie D. Rountree son of W.J. &s.e. Rountree Aug. 14, 1866 Dec. 2,

Granville Allen Young Sept. 30, 1833 Feb. 4, 1922

Note: 1930 Census, Valley Creek (Dallas County), AL

Green, Lizzie b. 1891
Green, John b. 1864 (Husband)
Father: Grandville Allen
Nephew: Dock Green b. 1915

I think this family is kin. My Uncle Solomon “Sol” Green/Greene also had a son called Dock.


Row 6

James Kenan, born 1808 in N.C. died 1874 in Ala.

Erected by his wife in memory of William K. Kenan, youngest son of Tho & Mary R. Kenan who was born in Duplin County North Carolina 27th of September 1819 died in Dallas County Alabama July 31st 1858. There is a voice which sorrow hears. When heaviest weighs life galling chains, tis heaven that whispers “dry your tears the pure in heart shall meet again” (on back) Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him.

D.L. Kenan, 1816 1910 Son of Mary Rand and Col. Thomas Kenan.
(Mary Rand Kenan)

Victoria Corr, wife of Danial Love Kenan May 5, 1843 May 1, 1935
(Victoria Kenan)

William Owen Kenan, Feb. 9, 1869 Dec. 16, 1923

Thom- AN 1812
(This stone is broken next to the Kenan’s)

Sarah L. Smith daughter of Col. Thomas and Sarah L. Kenan, who died the 20th of Nov. 1845 and composed firmly in the righteousness of Christ.

Sacred to the memory of our father Col. Thomas Kenan and our mother Mary Rand Kenan. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Col. Kenan was the son of Genl. James Kenan of Duplin County North Carolina. He was born on the 26th of Feb. 1771 and died on the 22nd of Oct. 1843 in the 73 year of his age. He frequently represented his native County in the Legislature and the Wilmington District in Congress. In Jan. 1833 He removed with his family to Dallas County Ala. where he resided at the time of his death. Mrs. Kenan was the daughter of John Rand and Elizabeth Hinton, she was born in Wake County North Carolina on the 17th of Jan. 1781 and died in Dallas County Ala. on the 21st of Sept. 1856 in the 76th year of her age.

Note: The Martins are said to have worked in Kenan’s Mill, grinding corn. The Green(e) lived in Summerfield near Kenan’s Mill, on a farm.

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Halloween Memories – The Dance Contest (2007)

Hello Friends and Family,

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween.

To me, it is now strange to go trick-or-treating and see these houses, all lit up, with jack-o-lanterns and decorations, and excited parents gushing over the costumes of kids knocking on the door. That was once my life too…before I became homeless. The Halloween decorations were one of many things I lost after I fled an abusive relationship, and lost all of my possessions, in a matter of minutes in order to seek safety for myself and my children. My family was couch surfing, sleeping in our van, and staying in shelters for several months. There was no one to help and no place to go.I desperately searched the phone books, randomly calling phone numbers seeking a place to go…and that way found a transitional housing program that we were accepted into. Transitional housing means that you will get a temporary place to stay, and support from an advocate, while you seek permanent housing.

Now, as I stand on the doorstep, watching my daughter yell “Trick or Treat!” in an excited voice, the feeling of having nowhere to go, and not belonging to anywhere is so strong. I see the warm glow of lights emanating from within these homes, but relate more to when the door closes, the darkness, the footsteps into the unknown. That is homeless. The state of once having a home, once belonging in the warm and then being forced into the darkness, the cold.

This night, Nora and I went to 5 Halloween events, a community dinner and trick-or-treating. Nora dressed up as a “true princess” and wore one of my dresses. The dress is antique white and lacy with a full skirt, on Nora it looks like a wedding gown. I have fond memories of that dress because I wore it the time I visited family in Birmingham. I love old dresses and costume jewelry; playing “princess” with Nora and dressing up is so fun!

The best part of the night was when Nora entered the dance contest at the local community center.  There were several kids in the contest, all dancing to loud Hip-Hop music. Nora kicked off her purple, high heels to join in. DP gave the shoes to Nora for her birthday because they look like Cinderella’s glass slippers. The vote was decided by applause and no one really knew Nora, so she didn’t get any cheer besides my wild antics. Nora did ballet leaps. She even down on the floor, and spun in a circle break dance style. When the judging got came down to two kids, Nora was not even considered.

Then Nora put all her focus into the music, she was not about to be voted out! She danced in figure eight circles around both kids–walk it out! She twirled to the floor and back up again. Her feet were kicking in the air like throwing stars. Her hands were so graceful, dipping and swaying. She had this smile on her face of confidence. The DJ could not help but to notice Nora–the other kids stopped dancing to watch (and they were older!). The room broke out in applause. Nora received the most applause then won the contest. She was awarded a squeaky flower toy–and my heart.

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays. Sending love and prayers to all ❤

In Our Hearts, © 2007.

Update: My family was. eventually able to seure permanent housing…but that is another story…

Thank-you for reading “In Our Hearts”. I look forward to sharing more stories, not only my own, but others from the Fort, Ford and related branches of family as well. If you would like to contribute, please leave a comment (your info will be kept confidential) and I will contact you with more information. 

Public Domain Picture:


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