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Henry Coleman: Burnsville, Ala * 1917

Source: Form 1 990 Registration Card No. #53, WWI Draft Registration Card
Name: Henry Coleman
Age: 21
Home: Burnsville, Alabama
Date of Birth: August 10, 1895
Natural Born
Where Born: Safford, Ala USA
Occupation: Saw Mill Laborer
Employed: (A bit unclear) Geoff Blessed Lgr Co.
Where Employed: Burnsville, Alabama
Dependants: None
Marital Status: Single
Race: African
No Prior Military Service, Sign with his mark

Registrar’s Report

Tall, Medium Build, Black Eyes, Black Hair (Not Bald)
No Disability

Signed By: WJ Taylor
Precinct 22
County, Dallas
State, Alabama
June 5, 1917


Coleman’s Are Listed in: 1866 Alabama State Census Colored Population Dallas County, AL Thank-you BJ Smothers!

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1900 Census * Violet Radford

Source: 1900 Census, Columbiana (Shelby County).

Violet Radford, b. 1840, B
Sallie Radford, b. 1880, B, Daughter
Carrie Radford, b. 1885, B, Daughter
Willie Radford, b. 1893, B, Grandson

Additional Sources:

AL Gen Web:Shelby County, Alabama-
City of Columbiana, Alabama
Tracking Your Roots: Shelby County, Alabama

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1870: Alexander & Violet Radford Family

Source: 1870 Census, Perry County: Alabama.
Place: Township 18, Range 9
Date: July 8, 1870
Surname: Radford

Alexander Radford (head), b. 1835, B, Farm Laborer
Violet Radford (spouse), b. 1840, B, Farm Laborer
Jessie, b. 1858, B, Farm Laborer
Martin, b. 1860, B
Sherman, b. 1865, B
Harriet, b. 1863, B
Jane (This may be “Paul”?? Or Jame? Was listed as male on the census), b. 1867, B
Silas, b. 1867. B
Amy, 6 mos, B

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