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The Wacky Villian: A story by DP and Mommy


Mr. Wackypants the Burglar has just gotten out of jail after robbing a bank, he made off with $20,000–all in rolls of pennies. Mr. Wackypants was caught after using the bus as a getaway. It took 10 minutes to dump all those pennies in the meter. A really smart boy named DP figured out something was wrong and alerted the driver to the strange passenger who wore a polka dot clown suit with a black mask across his eyes. The driver pushed the emergency button near his seat, calling for help. Mr. Wackypants tried to run away. DP jumped over the seat, then grabbed Mr. Wackypant’s leg and bit him as hard as he could. Mr, Wackypants screamed so loud that he alerted Underdog, who has a nose for helping people. When Underdog saw the bank robber, and the little boy who was trying to stop him, he sprang into action. Underdog punched Mr. Wackypants, knocking out several teeth as well as all the polka dots on his clown suit. Mr. Wackypants fell to the the ground in a daze. Not soon after the police came, and threw him in jail.

After spending 12 years in jail, Mr. Wackypants vowed he would never get caught again. He would rob another bank–this time by climbing on the outside of the building, and sneaking through a window rather than taking a chance of being caught during a hold-up (where a very smart 7 year old may try to stop him). Mr, Wackypants waited, very excited, until the darkest of night to pull of the heist. He crept towards the bank building, with super glue on a special gloves so he would be able to crawl up very high. Mr. Wackypants pries open a window and creeps into the bank. He find a broomstick to defend himself with. He heads towards the vault, hoping he is well disguised in his polka dot clown suit. Wackypants nears the vault and then realizes he doesn’t have the code, and can’t get it! So he hits the vault with broomstick…over and over and over again. Nothing happens. Mr. Wackypants hits harder, this time sounding an alarm. Before he can get away, a super hero dog named Underdog flies through the open window and pounces on Mr. Wackypants. Underdog lifts his leg and pees on Mr. Wackypants, trapping him inside a stinky web. Mr. Wackypants slips on the puddle of pee, unable to get away. Using his super radio, Underdog signals the police who nab Mr. Wackypants–again! Mr.Wackypants is now in jail, dreaming of escape but so long as Underdog is here justice will be done.


by D.Poet and Mommy , 6/9/2008

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