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The Lively Circus: A Day in the Life of a Single Mom

“God can jumpstart any battery!”—Pastor Moore

As a single mom, I have learned that an ordinary day can quickly become a lively circus.

I begin the morning tripping over Norrie’s toys; my son’s shirt is growing moldy on the bathroom floor… Cheetah Girls are bumpin’ in the CD player. As I reach for my cup of coffee on the counter I unexpectedly slip across the kitchen floor. A shimmering pink surface of Wonder Bubbles was invisible until I am ice-skating across ceramic tile! My children are laughing at my wild antics, arms and legs flailing. Both children are pouring Wonder Bubbles into a toy with a built-in fan that was made to shoot plastic balls into the air. My kitchen is boogie wonderland, with bubbles flying in all directions.

I sigh, add maple syrup to my coffee. Raooow!My children are squaring off at the table. My daughter is bouncing in her chair, squealing, “Jelly face! Jelly face!” My son crosses his arms over his chest, glaring at his little sister. He ate a croissant with blackberry jam that is now smeared on both sides of his face like sideburns. I do my best to regain my composure, while holding my sides, “Honey, you have jam all over your face—go look in the mirror. You really are a jelly face. And I’m a jelly belly all full of these rolls!” Tension is released as quickly as it comes, in peals of laughter. My son runs to the mirror to inspect his new look. He “shaves” blackberry sideburns with one finger, running it across his face then licking it clean. Just as I am about to relax, I glance at the clock—we have to move if we want to be on time for church!

Coffee half gone, better top it off. I ask my son to hand me the syrup and next thing I know he is dumping the bottle in my cup! I breathe a sigh of relief when both kids are finally out the door. As I am locking the door, my daughter is running down the hall, waddling like a duck. She has decided to wear the too big sandals that no longer fit, proudly asking her beloved big brother, “Am I cool?” With each step she is loudly flopping against the pavement. Not even halfway down the block, we see our bus pass by. I grit my teeth…then look across the street at my neighbor’s beautiful yard. Pastel flowers greet my eye from afar. Thick bushes in radiant shades of emerald shine in the sun. Marigolds gather beneath the bushes, lining a cobbled path. My children and I stop over to say “hi”. The beautiful Himalyan cat with ice blue eyes purrs at our feet then rolls on the sidewalk, begging to have his back scratched. The children are fond of the cat and dash to the ground, ready to indulge. When we leave, both children resemble the Abomidible Snowman of the Himalayas, shaggy with cat hair and neat church clothes now worn. They couldn’t be happier, racing down the sidewalk towards the bus.

My children and I arrive at church and are greeted with hugs. When Pastor Moore begins to sing, my son is excited to play the “shaker” he made in school—two Styrofoam plates decorated with banners made of crepe paper. Inside the plates is dry rice. My daughter accompanies him, shaking a penguin shaped tambourine. Pastor’s bellowing voice fills the chapel, “…You’ve got to move, But when the good Lord gets ready, you’ve got to move…” It takes but a moment for my daughter to dash from the pew, to the front of the chapel. Once reaching the front, she begins to dance. Pastor, an imposing man standing well over 6 feet tall, with hands the size of bear paws, gently takes hers small hands in his. Together they dance. My daughter stands barely the height of Pastor’s knees but excitement keeps her steps in time. My son raises his shaker, cheering loudly. This is a memory I will always cherish.

As a single mom, I have learned that an ordinary day can quickly become a lively circus. I have learned how to be the juggling bear—balancing work, children and long bus rides. The ringmaster keeping everything in order. The clown indulging my children in stories or play. And my favorite—the magician, awaiting a surprise.


Children, I thank God everyday that he blessed me to be your “Mommy”. I love you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes… (you finish the rest)…
xoxoxo Mommy xoxoxo

In Our Hearts, ⓒ 2008.

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