Looking for Dragonflies (Family Story)

July 19, 2009 at 8:36 pm Leave a comment


A story for the family scrapbook…

I took my children to the Marina to see an antique boat show, and participate in a community festival. A few minutes after we stepped onto the boardwalk, it began to rain. So we took shelter under a small canvas overhang.

Always adventurous, my daughter spied a dragonfly, also taking shelter from the storm under the canvas. She held her small hands out to the dragonfly and waited…holding her breath in anticipation. Will it land? Will one wing, clear and thin as mica, brush against her chubby fingers? As the storm thundered above, the dragonfly drew closer…and landed on the warm plane of my daughter’s hand. She was absolutely delighted. She called to her brother, who was just as excited to try to catch his own dragonfly! Antique boats with their rumbling motors, face painting, ice-cream and live music…none of it mattered. My children were enchanted by dragonflies.

When the storm cleared, a rainbow stretched over the Marina. I could see the rainbow’s tail, diving into into violet-gray waters. Rainbow ribbons of red, violet, yellow and blue braided into the colors earth and water, creating hues that color our world.

My children scampered off…in persuit of dragonflies…

In Our Hearts, ⓒ 2009

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