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1910: Jim and Sarah J. Green(e), Summerfield AL

Wedding Bouquet

1910 United States Federal Census
Jim and Sarah J. Green

Name: Jim Green
Age in 1910: 39
Estimated birth year: 1871
Birthplace: Alabama
Relation to Head of House: Head
Father’s Birth Place: Alabama
Mother’s Birth Place: Alabama
Spouse’s name: Sarah J Green
Home in 1910: Summerfield, Dallas, Alabama. I can’t read the street name looks like Braud/Broad something??
Marital Status: Married, 1906
Race: Black
Gender: Male

Household Members:
Jim Green 39, husband, b. 1871
Sarah J Green 34, wife, b. 1876
Lettie Green 2, daughter, b. 1908
Lettie Martin Jr. 3 , nephew (could be Levie), b. 1907
Lum Martin 4, nephew, b. 1906

ALSO on this page are Sol (b. 1873) & Lucy (Callens) Green(e), b. 1880, and their two sons, Frank (b. 1902) & Herbert (b. 1903) 

Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Summerfield, Dallas, Alabama; Roll T624_11; Page: 7B; Enumeration District: 64; Image: 53.

Source Information: 1910 United States Federal Census

The farm in Summerfield was owned by Henry and Amanda Martin, and my family worked this land for generations.

Sarah Jane Martin and Simon Robins are the parents of my great-grandmother Mary Ella (“Mel”, “Mary”) Martin-Morton b. 1897. Sarah Jane Martin and Simon Robins were neighbors, and grew up together.

Family stories say Simon Robins died, and it is likely Sarah Jane had relatives help care for her young daughter. I believe Aunt Julia helped raise Mary, though her connection to the Robins and Green(e) families remained strong throughout her life.

I can find no record of Sarah Jane Martin or Sarah Jane (J) Green(e) living with her daughter. Family stories also say Sarah Jane died at a young age.

The Green(e) are kin to the Martins, in many ways our family line has become one through ties of marriage and loyalty. I also found Jim Green(e) and Sarah J. Martin listed in…

1900 Census, Summerfield, My Family Line:
Martin, Sarah J. Black. Head (25) born April 1875.

Green, Jim. Black. Head (29) born May 1871. *I believe he is the brother of Solomon “Sol” Green(e) and son of Silas and Margarett Green(e)*

Martin, Julia. Black. Head (18) born 1882. (The daughter of Judge and Jordan Martin, sister of Sarah Jane., she is said to have helped care for Sarah Jane’s daughter.)

Matin (Martin), Jim (this probably is “James” son Judge and Jordan Martin, brother of Sarah Jane). Black. Head (26) born 1876.
Lucy, 1888.
Frank, 1896.
Hubbard, August 1898.
Jordan, July 1899.

If you have any information on any of these family lines, please leave a note below 🙂

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