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Mom, the Baby is Burping! (Cute Kid Story)

My kids are excited to welcome their new Baby sibling into the world this December, what a blessing for our family.

My son, now 10, has all sorts of questions:
“If the Baby gets any bigger, Mom, will you explode?” (Then he tries to feed me candy and junk food just to see what will happen!)

When the Baby goes potty, where does it go?” My kids love this question, it sends them into uncontrollable fits of laughter. Sometimes I wonder if children are to train adults to be “potty trained”–not the other way around. Meaning that children show us that we need to stop taking life so serious and just to laugh! For a child, silliness is the best way to release burdens and worries, making the heart so light that it bobs in the chest like a balloon caught by the wind.

“Mom, if the Baby kicks hard enough, can he poke through your belly?”

My daughter,  has a better strategy–when she wants something, she simply leans next to my belly, pauses for a moment and then with absolute seriousness informs me “The Baby said…” I know my daughter will adjust well to a new sibling because the Baby always agrees with her!

And then, there is this: I had just finished eating dinner when my stomach began to bubble loudly.

My daughter stares and her mouth drops in amazement. She says, “Mom, the Baby is burping!”
My son, a scientist by nature, came over to investigate. His small hands pressed against my rounded belly..anticipating…then gurgle, gurgle!
“He is burping!” My son says in wonder, “Maybe you shouldn’t drink so much pop.”

I thank God every day for my precious children, and look forward to the many adventures we will share.

Love you Kiddos ❤

xoxoxo Mommy xoxoxox

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