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Ancestors Approved Award: What I Have Learned

I’ve received the Ancestors Approved award from Footsteps of the Past. Thanks for thinking of me, this is an awesome idea!

I’m suppose to share 10 things about my ancestors that have surprised, humbled or enlightened me and share this award with 10 other bloggers…(deep breath) so here goes!

1. I found the ancestor of the slaveholder online, and our paths crossed doing genealogy… We shared alot of the same curiosity and love for our families. She apologized for her ancestor’s role in slavery and it came to me so strongly, it’s not your fault–you weren’t even alive then. It was an amazing place to be, coming from two very different families, but both standing together in this moment in time as equals, and being able to answer questions for each other.

2. I am always humbled, touched and heartened to meet with or speak with the Elders in my family…your life stories and memories are precious. Thank-you for taking the time to share with me ❤

3. Surprised to find traces of my ancestors in the faces of my children..and enjoying watching our family grow and become more diverse

4. Absolutely blessed to connect to my cousin Nile, she is my sister and my friend. I enjoy our conversations and adventures digging up family history.

5. Humbled to visit Moundville, Alabama, and learn about the Indians who once lived there, and what life was like long ago. My uncle said our Indian ancestors were farmers and lived between the Warrior and Cohabee (Cahaba) Rivers…close to this area.

6. Really proud to share our heritage for nationality day at my son’s preschool! I dressed him up as a farmer with blue jeans and a straw hat, with a boll of Alabama cotton tucked in the front pocket.

7. Always surprised when a small tidbit of information turns into a huge lead where I find a lost relative or uncover a hidden story

8. Still wondering about my mysterious Ford relatives in Perry, Dallas and Jefferson Counties (AL). Have not found one trace of my great-grandfather, Pettus Ford…one day I hope to meet more of my Ford relatives!

9. Open to learning more..and I love to hear about other families and their stories.

10. I want to encourage my relatives to contact me if you would like to share something or post here.Some ideas: photos, favorite memories, favorite verses/song lyrics/Scripture, recipes, your hopes/dreams, what you would want future generations to know about you…this page is for you!

Many Blessings, In Our Hearts

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Ancestors Approved Award

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