Julia Watkins 1870 Census – Harrells Crossroads – Dallas County AL

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1870 Census Harrell’s Crossroads, Dallas County Alabama

Enumerated August 16, 1870 by SJ Martin, Assistant Marshall

Julia Watkins married Monk Fort, also of Harrells Crossroads, in 1874. The family alternately is recorded as using the last name “FORD”. Monk Fort died somewhere between 1895-1900.

Monk and Julia are recorded as having 9 children: William b. July 1877, Elijah (Elliot) b. July 1879, Pettus (James Pettus) b. July 1884, India (Judie?) b. Jan 1888, Pinkie b. Jan 1890, Daisie b. Sept 1893 and Charlie b. Jan 1894. There is also a Mary.

I believe James was also called James Pettus, Pettis, and Pettus Fort/Ford.

Name: David Watkins
Age in 1870: 60
Birth Year: abt 1810
Birthplace: Georgia
Home in 1870: Harrells, Dallas, Alabama
Race: Black
Gender: Male
Post Office: Marion Junction
Value of real estate:
Household Members:
Name Age
David Watkins b. 1810 Georgia, Black, Farm Laborer 60
Excey Watkins b. 1851 Georgia, Black, Farm Laborer 19
Simon Watkins b. 1854 Georgia, Black, Farm Laborer 16
Julia Watkins b. 1857 Georgia, Black, Farm Laborer 13

The Family Next Door Is:

David Watkins Jr., b. 1844, Georgia, Black, Farm Laborer

Fannie Watkins, b. 1841 Georgia, Black, Farm Laborer

Edward Watkins, b. 1863 Georgia, Black

Clark Watkins, b. 1867 Alabama, Black

Source: Ancestry.com. 1870 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2009. Images reproduced by FamilySearch.


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Monk Ford – 1870 Census – Harrell’s Crossroads Alabama Ames Bag Manufaturing Company Selma, AL

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  • 1. Richard Harrell Taylor  |  October 5, 2014 at 8:23 pm

    My middle name is Harrell. I got from my grandfather Harrrell Hayes Oliver. I was born and raised in Selma. My grandfather is long dead but he told me his mother was a Harrell bured in Marion Junction. Said his grandfather was Dr Harrell who owned plantation in Marion Junction where is now Harrell’s Crossroads. He told me the slaves had last name Harrell. I may be last person alive to have been told this by Grandaddy Oliver. I A lawyer in Mobile Al. Age 58. Would live to know more about Harrell’s Crossroads.

    • 2. graceofwynn  |  October 6, 2014 at 3:03 am

      Richard- Thanks for sharing your family history, and history about Harrell’s! I also am interested in learning more…and will let you know if I come up with more info. Let’s stay in touch 🙂

      Forts was a small town near Harrell’s.

      HARRELL, W. F., 99 slaves, Harrels, page 63 (DALLAS COUNTY, ALABAMA.
      LARGEST SLAVEHOLDERS FROM 1860 SLAVE CENSUS SCHEDULES and SURNAME MATCHES FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS ON 1870 CENSUS. Transcribed by Tom Blake, May 2001: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~ajac/aldallas.htm)

      570/570 W. F. Harrell 44M Farmer 11,800 NC
      Ferreby 42F KY
      Henry 17M Student AL
      F. U. 10M ”
      A. S. 4F ”
      Miss Julia Bland 20F GA

      608/608 G. H. Harrell 30M Farmer 5,300 AL
      E. J. 30F NC
      O. A. 10M AL
      C. L. 7M ”
      f. B. 6F ”
      M. W. 4F ”
      G. H. 2M ”
      G. G. Smith 30M Physician GA

      Source: 1850 Census, Dallas County, AL: http://www.gwingenealogy.net/GENEALOGY/ALABAMA/census1850dallcoMYnames.htm

      The 1860 Census shows WF Harrell living in “Harrells Beet” with his family. WF was born in 1807 in North Carolina. Value of his real estate is $53,000. value of personal estate is $102,350. Post Office is in Forts.

      W F Harrell, Whitmill Finis/Francis E. Harrell 53 – born. 1807, North Carolina
      P F Harrell 51- born 1809, Kentucky
      T E Harrell 19
      A S Harrell 13
      W H Harrell 27
      S C Harrell 21
      C L Harrell 4
      W T Harrell 2
      W A Harrell 10/12
      G W Stewart 25

      Genforum: My grandmother’s wedding took place near Birmingham, AL in 1918. The wedding book is signed by several Harrells, including Grace, Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Harrell and what appears to be Mr. & Mrs. W.F. Harrell. My grandmother wrote next to one of the Harrell’s “2nd cousin”. Keeping in mind that the Harrells need not have lived in AL to attend the wedding, does anyone have any family connections that might fit?

    • 3. graceofwynn  |  October 6, 2014 at 3:53 am


      ORIGIN OF HARRELL SURNAME: Researchers have found the surname Harrell established along the Scottish-English border about 400 A.D. Many families lived as clannish groups, and they often engaged in feuds. In the early 1600s, some of these clans were sent to Scotland and Ireland. Some were sent to the Colonies. They settled along the eastern coast from Newfoundland to Virginia and the Carolinas. Source: “The Harell Family” http://iml.jou.ufl.edu/projects/Spring99/Moulden/frame.htm

      See also: Harrell Families of Early Hertford County, North Carolina: http://www.harrellfamilies.com/

      Harrell, a Scottish-English surname, derived from Old French “hurer”, meaning to bristle, was a diminutive nickname for someone with lots of hair.

      In Scottish Harrell family history, the family held a seat (feudal home) in Argylshire, and another Harrell family held an ancient seat in Northumberland on the English-Scottish border.

      Harrell was established as a surname in England by Normans following the conquest in 1066; the earliest recorded use is in an abbey charter in 1154 where it is spelled “Horel”..

      The surname Harrell also appears in Ireland where it may be an anglicized form of the Gaelic name Ó hEarghail ‘descendant of Earghal’. Earghal was a given name with the same etymology as Fearghal,which may be anglicized as Fergal but is also the source of the surname Farrell. Fearghal was a popular given name for boys meaning manly or valorous in early Ireland.

      American Harrell genealogy dates to 1676 in Maryland.


      Lewis’ – HARRELL’S ALABAMA CALVARY BATTALION: http://www.americancivilwar101.com/units/csa-al/al-cav-batt-lewis-harrell.html

      Originally a cavalry squadron of just two companies organized on 21 January 1863, but increased to a battalion of five companies on 26 April 1864. Company commanders included Capts. John D. Morrison (Co. “A”), W. P. Barnes (Co. “B”), William May (Co. “C”), Lewis V. Harrell (Co. “E”), and Henry Brooks (Co. “D”). The battalion served in central Alabama and Georgia. It was assigned to Armistead’s Cavalry Brigade and participated in the battles of Lafayette (24 June 1864; 1 killed and 5 wounded) and Mobile (17 March-12 April 1865). There were 104 men present for duty on 1 September 1864. The battalion surrendered with the Dept. of Alabama, Mississippi and East Louisiana at Citronelle, AL, 4 May 1865 by Lieutenant Richard Taylor. – See more at: http://www.americancivilwar101.com/units/csa-al/al-cav-batt-lewis-harrell.html#sthash.nIjvj7H5.dpuf

       Major:
      · Thomas Hall Lewis (KIA, La Fayette, GA)
      · William Virgil Harrell
       Adjutant:
      · Green W. Lee


      Name: William Virgil Harrell
      Event Date: 30 Dec 1908
      Event Place: Talladega, Talladega, Alabama
      Gender: Male
      Race (Original): White
      Race: White
      Age (Original): 77y 2m 14d
      Birth Year (Estimated): 1831
      Birthplace: Alabama
      Marital Status: Married
      Father’s Name: Vardaman Harrell
      Father’s Birthplace: Nc
      Mother’s Name: Mrs. Harrell
      Mother’s Birthplace: Nc
      Occupation: Farmer
      Burial Place: Talladega, Ala.


      Harrell, Charlotte E. Burwell I. Fort 6 May 1824 pg 66
      Harrell, Elizabeth A. James B. Brantley 30 Oct 1839 pg 149
      Harrell, Gabriel H. Eliza J. King 27 Mar 1838 pg 106

      Source: DALLAS CO, AL MARRIAGES — APPEARING IN MARRIAGE BOOK I: 1818 – 1845: http://www.genealogytoday.com/pub/ALMARR.HTM


      1850 Schedule 4 Agricultural Census -Dale to Marengo Counties: http://files.usgwarchives.net/al/dallas/census/1850/1850dallasag.txt

      1. Owner W. L. Harrell
      2. Acres of Improved Land 320
      3. Acres of Unimproved Land 400
      4. Cash Value of Farm 10800
      5. Value of Farm Implements and Machinery 1000
      13. Value of Livestock 1218

      1. Owner Josiah Harrel
      2. Acres of Improved Land —
      3. Acres of Unimproved Land–
      4. Cash Value of Farm–
      5. Value of Farm Implements and Machinery 1000
      13. Value of Livestock 1515

      HARRELL, JOSIAH AL Dallas 11/20/1835 Cahaba 19177 AL0510__.370
      Source: “U.S. Land Patents issued — Township 16N — Range 7E — in Dallas County” by Mar Hamm Genealogy: http://marvhamm.com/dallas_county/dallas-county-16n-7e.html

    • 4. In Our Hearts  |  October 6, 2014 at 11:14 pm

      Richard I think I found your family line… is any of this familiar:

      Gabriel H. Harrell and Elias Harrell, brothers came to Alabama from England and settled near Marion Junction, Alabama. They rented a place, later called Harrell’s Cross Roads. Gabriel Harrell married Eliza J. King of King’s Plantation, near Vernon Church. Their son, Captain Calvin Luther Harrell fought in the Confederate War 58th Ala. Infantry Volunteers. He had a brother, Dr. Oscar Harrell, a Veterinarian and a single sister Mattie, a florist. Do you have any of these Harrell’s?
      Gen Forum: http://genforum.genealogy.com/harrell/messages/840.html

      I am a direct descendent of Israel H. Harrell and Nancy Prince Fort of Dallas County, AL. They had a son, Gabriel H. Harrell,{married to Eliza Jane King] he was the father of the first Calvin L. Harrell[m. to Sarah Jane Chambers].He was my great grandfather, who was a soldier in the 58 Ala Regiment and wounded at the Battle of Chickamauga. I have a great deal of info, thanks to copious notes made by my Grandmother Harrell and left to me. I must organize and record them in some fashion. Marsha3041, Harrell’s in Alabama: http://boards.ancestry.com/localities.northam.usa.states.alabama.unknown/1775.1476/mb.ashx

      I think you are a descendant of Elias Fort Harrell (Sept. 9, 1831-Sept. 13, 1895). Father Hardiman Israel Harrell Birthplace: North Carolina, 1809. (Hardiman is the brother of WF Harrell previously mentioned)
      Mother Nancy Prince Fort Harrell: Tennessee, 1804. Son Samuel J. Harrell b. 1834. Son Gabriel Harrell. Son. Elias Fort Harrell (b. 1831).

      Elias died of typhoid fever in 1895. He operated a general store in Shelby with his son Preston Brooks Harrell. Son Samuel J. Harrell and his wife, Elizabeth (b. 1848) Schultz Harrell, also lived in Shelby. Samuel Harrell was a school teacher. Elias is buried in Old Shelby Cemetery.

      Elias and Henrietta Frances Watt Harrell (1838, South Carolina-1915) had the following children: Preston Brooks Harrell (b. 1858, Miss-1934), Elias Glen Harrell (1862-1933), Tennessee/Tenie Harrell Hayes (1866-1940) m. Will G. Hayes in 1888, Murphy Virgil (b.1870), Watt (b. 1876) and Ozella Clair Harrell Oliver (1878-1916).

      The 1860, 1870, 1880 Census lists Elias and Henrietta as living in Harrles Cross Roads, Dallas, Alabama. Elias was a Ferryman.

      OZELLA (April 25,1878-Sept. 11, 1916) married ROBERT RAYMOND OLIVER (1874-1939) and their son was HARRELL H. OLIVER (1905-1994). Another son was ROBERT R. OLIVER JR.

      Name: Ozella C. Harrell
      Spouse: Robert R. Oliver
      Marriage Date: 6 Jun 1899
      County: Lauderdale, Miss

      Name: Miss Ozella C Harrell
      Gender: Female
      Residence Year: 1899
      Street address: 1200 19th
      Residence Place: Meridian, Mississippi, USA
      Occupation: Stenographer
      Publication Title: Meridian, Mississippi, City Directory, 1899

      Ozella C. Harrell Oliver died in Selma, Alabama. She lived with R.R. Oliver at 118 W. Water Street in Selma. She is buried in Marion Junction Community Cemetery.

      Elias Fort Harrell Family on Find a Grave, Submitted by Bill Hayes: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=48848661&ref=wvr

      Ozella Clair Harrell Oliver on Find A Grave, Submitted by Bill Hayes: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=94229943

      Name: Elias F. Harrell
      Also Known As Name: E.F. Harrell
      Event Type: Military Service
      Military Beginning Rank: Private
      Military Final Rank: Private
      Military Side: Confederate
      State or Military Term: Alabama
      Military Unit: 58th Regiment, Alabama Infantry
      Military Company: HF
      Note: Original filed under E.F./Harrell
      Affiliate Film Number: 19
      Affiliate Publication Title: Index to Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served in Organizations From the State of Alabama. , Affiliate Publication Number: M374 , GS Film number: 821967

    • 5. In Our Hearts  |  October 7, 2014 at 4:39 am


      Posted By: Teena Nunn
      Subject: Christopher Charlton Oliver, Reid, Herndon, Clark,
      Post Date: July 30, 2008 at 21:11:53
      Forum: Alabama Genealogy Forum
      Forum URL: http://genforum.genealogy.com/al/

      “Notable Men of Alabama” Pages 424 – 425
      Christopher Charlton Oliver M.D. of Shellby County, with residence at Calera of which town he is “now” mayor. His birth place is Montgomery; the date May 23 1845; his parents, Christopher Dionysius and Laura Amanda (Reid) Oliver.

      The Oliver family emigrated to Virginia about the year 1652. At the time of the Revolutionary War, McCarthy Oliver, Grandfather of Christopher C,. with his brother Thomas, enlisted in that service. The brother was captured at Ft. ninety-six, South Carolina. There is still in possession of the family a Continental buckle which was part of his accoutrements.

      McCarthy Oliver married Susannah Clark in Va after the war, and later moved to Elbert County,Ga., where he passed the most of his life. Later in life he came to Alabama and died at Dudleyville at the advanced age of ninty-three years; his wife at death had reached eighty-seven years of age.

      Their son Christopher, father of Christopher C., was born at Elberton, Ga in 1819. His early showed talentand temperment for the ministry and entered upon the work in young manhood as a minister of the Methodist Church South. About 1840 he came to Alabama and has since preached in every part of the state. As a mere boy he had seen service in the Indian War of 1836, and was a chaplain in the confederate army during the civil war. He was a Royal Arch Mason and was chaplain of his lodge. He married in Elbert County, Ga., his wife was the daughter of Doctor Zachariah Reid and Rebecca Hearndon. Her Father was a son of Alfred Reid, who was the original emigrant from Scotland, and his wife Corinne LaCele, was one of the French Huguenots. Doctor Reid was in the war of 1812, while our subject’s maternal great grandfather Benjamin Herndon was a patriot of the Revolution.

      Doctor C.C. Oliver (our subject) was educated at Auburn college and the State university from which he graduated in 1868. His medical education was acquired at the Atlanta Medical college, where he was valedictorian of the class of 1968. During the war he was a member of a cadet company, and was later detached as drillmaster to Company B. of the 63rd Alabama. He subsequently joined the regiment, and was made first lieutenant of Company I, in which position he served during the last year of the war. Doctor Oliver’s first field of practice was at Wetumpka, Alabama. After three years there he spent two years at Childersburg, which preceded his coming to Calera in 1873, where he has since practiced continuously, save for a period of four years spent in the state of Louisiana.

      Doctor Oliver is a deep student of his profession. He is a member of the State and county medical societies, having taken an active interest in their organization and the perfection of affiliated government for their conduct. Along with his other duties he acts as back tax collector for the county. He is a democrat, but cares nothing for politics as such. In religious faith he is a Congregationalist.

      He married in Wetumpka, May 5, 1896, Jessie, daughter of William A. and Susan (Dabbs) Allen. Her father was of English descent and came to the States with his parents in childhood. They settled in Wilmington, N.C.; later removed to Alabama; thence to Louisiana, where the father died in 1894, the mother in 1898. To the marriage of Doctor Oliver have been born Robt. Raymond, telegraph operator at Meridian, Miss., who married Ozella Harrell and has a son, Robt. Raymond; Helen, graduate of Anni9ston female college, married W. H. McCracken, an operator at Livermore, Iowa.

      I hope someone finds this helpful, I made a photo copy of these pages of the book years ago while looking for my Dollar/Oliver connection, They haven’t helped me yet, perhaps they will help someone else.

      Happy Hunting – Teena


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