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There was a post asking about the Harell family that founded Harrell’s Crossroads or Harrell’s in Dallas County, Alabama. My response became lengthy so I am making it into a post.

The post office of Fort or the town of Fort was renamed Marion Junction. The Fort, Harrell, and Rasco families are closely related. “Harrell’s Crossroads” is west of Selma on highway US 80.

Gabriel Homes Harrell born 12 Aug 1778 in Bertie County, North Carolina and died 16 Oct 1829 in Dallas County, Alabama. Originally settled in Cahaba. Gabriel Holmes Harrell married Frances “Fanny” Harrell. Mrs. Fanny Harrell was born April 4, 1781 in Bertie County, North Carolina and died in 1839 in Dallas County, Alabama. 

1810 United States Federal Census 1810 United States Federal Census
Name: Gabriel Harrell
County: Bertie
State: North Carolina
Free White Males Under 10: 2
Free White Males 10 to 15: 2
Free White Males 26 to 44: 1
Free White Females Under 10: 1
Free White Females 10 to 15: 1
Free White Females 16 to 25: 1
Free White Females 26 to 44: 1
Numbers of Slaves: 16
Number of Household Members Under 16: 6
Number of Household Members Over 25: 2
Number of Household Members: 9

Source Citation: Year: 1810; Census Place: , Bertie, North Carolina; Roll
39; Page: 168; Family History Number: 0337912; Image: 00109.


i. CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH6 HARRELL, b. March 26, 1804, Bertie Co., North Carolina; d. December 08, 1870, Marion Junction, Alabama; m. BURWELL JACKSON FORT I, April 24, 1824, Dallas County, Alabama; b. December 28, 1797; d. Unknown.
46. ii. ELIZABETH ANN HARRELL, d. Unknown.
iii. WHITMELL F. HARRELL, d. Unknown; m. PHERABY FORT RASCO; d. Unknown.
47. iv. HARDIMAN ISRAEL HARRELL, b. 1809  d. Unknown. m. NANCY PRINCE FORT (b. May 13, 1802)
v. JOSIAH HARRELL, b. Aft. 1798; d. Unknown; m. LOUISIANA BRANTLEY, 1851; d. Unknown.
vi. MARY ANN HARRELL, d. Unknown; m. PASCHALL B. TRAYLOR; d. Unknown.


Name: Whitmell Finis/Francis Harrell

Birth: April 10, 1806

Parents: Gabriel Holmes and Frances “Fanny” Harrell

Place of Birth: Bertie County, North Carolina

Married: Pherby Fort Rascoe

Pherby was born April 19, 1808 in Trigg County, Kentucky.  Her parents were Laban T Rasco (KY) and Sarah Reese (NC). She died on June 7, 1882 in Blount County, Alabama. And was buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery Blount Co Ala. 

The Rasco were also originally from Bertie County but moved to Christian County Kentucky in the 1790’s and then to Dallas County in the early 1820’s.

Date of Marriage: 1829

Children: Amelia S., Harrell Moss and Whitmell Henry Harrell and Finis Ewrin Harrell

Death: May 10, 1877

Place of Death: Hayden, Blount County, Alabama

Buried At: Harrell Cemetery, Blount County, Alabama


1850 CENSUS:

Place: Cahawba, Dallas, Alabama

Family#: 570

<strong>W. F. Harrell, 44, b. 1806, M Farmer 11,800 NC</strong>
Ferreby 42, b. 1808, F,  KY
Henry, 17, b. 1833, M, Student, AL
F. W. 10, b. 1840, M ”
A. S. 4, b. 1846, F ”
Miss Julia Bland 20, b. 1830, F,  GA

608/608 <strong>G. H. Harrell 30M Farmer 5,300 AL</strong> (GABRIEL H. HARRELL)
F. B. 6F ”
G. H. 2M ”
G. G. Smith 30M Physician GA

NOTE: Marriage: Harrell, Gabriel H. m Eliza J. King – 27 Mar 1838 pg 106

On November 29, 1850, W.F. Harrell bought one lot and parts of two others in Cahaba from William Gwin & Rosy Ann (Wilson) Gwin. The Gwins sold Lot #231 and 80 feet running N and S and on the eastern side of lots #217and 218 in the town of Cahaba, Dallas Co., AL, to Whitmiel F. Harrell for$1000.00. (From Dallas County Book N, pp.627-28)


Source: 1850 Census, Dallas County, AL: <a href=”; title=”1850 Census Dallas County AL” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”></a&gt;

Gwin Family Deed/and or Mortgage Transcriptions and/or Abstracts:



<strong>HARRELL, W. F., 99 slaves, Harrels, page 63</strong> (DALLAS COUNTY, ALABAMA.


Place: Harrells/Harrells Beat, Dallas, Alabama

W.F. Harrell– Value of his real estate is $53,000. value of personal estate is $102,350. Occupation is farmer.

Post Office is in Forts.

<strong>W F Harrell, Whitmill Finis/Whitmill Francis E. Harrell </strong> 53 – born. 1807, North Carolina
<strong>P F Harrell </strong> 51- born 1809, Kentucky
T E Harrell 19, b. 1841, M
A S Harrell 13, b. 1847, F
W H Harrell 27, b. 1833, M
S C Harrell 21, b. 1839, F
C L Harrell 4, b. 1856, F
W T Harrell 2, b. 1858, M
W A Harrell 10/12, b. 1859, M
G W Stewart 25, b. 1835, M

United States Civil War Confederate Applications for Presidential Pardons

Name: Whitmill F Harrell
Event Type: Amnesty
Event Date: 1865 – 1867
Event Place: Alabama

“United States Civil War Confederate Applications for Pardons, 1865-1867,” index, FamilySearch( : accessed 07 Oct 2014), Whitmill F Harrell, 1865 – 1867; citing “Case Files of Applications from Former Confederates for Presidential Pardons (‘Amnesty Papers’), 1865-1867,”; NARA microfilm publication M1003, roll 5

1870 CENSUS:

Sometimes after the War Between the States, Whitmel Finis Harrell moved his family to Shelby County Ala for his health and by 1870 he was living in Blount County. Whitmel was a very wealthy planter prior to the War Between the States. He was financially ruined by the War and it’s outcome. He lost his health as well.

I found a source indicating that W.F. Harrell owned a quarry, “The limestone is thus favorably situated for quarrying, and it has been worked on a considerable scale at Blount Springs and Bangor.
One quarry between these two places, belonging to W. F. Harrell, is now in operation. This quarry is an open working and the face is almost 80 feet high, extending nearly to the top of the outcrop on the escarpment. The following is a section of the rock quarried:

Section of Bangor limestone at Harrell quarry.
Gray seraicrystalline limestone……………………………. 28
Dark sem(crystalline limestone…………………………… 12
Gray semicrystalline limestone……………………….’…… 40
The limestone beds are separated by thin partings of carbonaceous

Limestone from this quarry is used for flux in the furnaces at Birmingham and Bessemer.”

Source: “Limestone and Dolomite in the Birmingham District, Alabama” by Charles Butts.  (p. 247-248)

Place: Township 13 Range 2, Blount, Alabama

Post Office: Blount Springs

Whitmill Harrell/Whitmill Finis E Harrell, Retired Farmer, Value of Personal Estate $250

Forabee Harrell, Keeping House

1880 CENSUS:

Place: Township 13 Range 2, Blount, Alabama

Post Office: Blount Springs

Rheraba F. Harrel/Pherby Fort Rasco Harrell, Widowed, Keeping House

Ada Moss, b. 1867, Granddaughter. Father born in AL, Mother born in MISS.



Genforum: My grandmother’s wedding took place near Birmingham, AL in 1918. T<strong>her wedding book is signed by several Harrells, including Grace, Mr. &amp; Mrs. W. H. Harrell and what appears to be Mr. &amp; Mrs. W.F. Harrell.</strong> My grandmother wrote next to one of the Harrell’s “2nd cousin”. Keeping in mind that the Harrells need not have lived in AL to attend the wedding, does anyone have any family connections that might fit?<a href=”; title=”Harrell on Genforum” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”></a>

ORIGIN OF HARRELL SURNAME: Researchers have found the surname Harrell established along the Scottish-English border about 400 A.D. Many families lived as clannish groups, and they often engaged in feuds. In the early 1600s, some of these clans were sent to Scotland and Ireland. Some were sent to the Colonies. They settled along the eastern coast from Newfoundland to Virginia and the Carolinas. Source: “The Harell Family”

See also: Harrell Families of Early Hertford County, North Carolina:

Harrell, a Scottish-English surname, derived from Old French “hurer”, meaning to bristle, was a diminutive nickname for someone with lots of hair.

In Scottish Harrell family history, the family held a seat (feudal home) in Argylshire, and another Harrell family held an ancient seat in Northumberland on the English-Scottish border.

Harrell was established as a surname in England by Normans following the conquest in 1066; the earliest recorded use is in an abbey charter in 1154 where it is spelled “Horel”.

The surname Harrell also appears in Ireland where it may be an anglicized form of the Gaelic name Ó hEarghail ‘descendant of Earghal’. Earghal was a given name with the same etymology as Fearghal,which may be anglicized as Fergal but is also the source of the surname Farrell. Fearghal was a popular given name for boys meaning manly or valorous in early Ireland.

American Harrell genealogy dates to 1676 in Maryland.



AL Dallas L Archives, “Re: [ALDALLAS-L] Finis Ewing Harrell Sr. & Wife” by James R. Rasco (

Descendants of John Harrell Sr., Generation 4 by Claude (Chip) Thomas Harrell, Jr.:

Gabriel Holmes Harrell by Garland Lively, Rootsweb:

Gabriel Holmes Harrell & wife Francis “Fanny” Harrell by James R. Rasco, Gen Forum:

Rascoe Family Tree, and Early Lineage by Tom Synder:

Harrell Cemetery on Find A Grave:

Whitmell Francis Harrell – Find A Grave, created by Nancy Alexander:

Pherby F. Rasco Harrell – Find A Grave, created by Rose Ramos:


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  • 1. Michael Neil Terhune  |  November 5, 2015 at 12:36 am

    Thanks for the information. My birth father was William Franklin Harrell son of Finis Erving Harrell (Alabama) son of Finis E Harrell (Alabama) son of Whitmus Finis Harrell (NC) etc. My adopted name is Terhune. I knew my father William (Bill) for my first 13 years and then he left. My nephew has been doing some research and found the death dates and death locations of Bill and Finis. Had not heard from either since early 1960s. This is new to me and hope to visit Alabama and acquaint myself with the area my ancestors grew up. 🙂

    Do you know a Hannah Elizabeth Gibbons? I see from FamilySearch that she has done some research on the Harrell, most notably my fathers. 🙂

    M. Neil Terhune Ed. D. Supt Raton Schools Raton NM

    • 2. In Our Hearts  |  November 21, 2015 at 5:50 am

      I was just researching the Harrell family because a reader had a question. If there is anything I can try to find for you, I will give it my best shot. Yu can leave a comment and if it is personal I will not post it, but can try to find other info you are looking for.

  • 3. Harrell Little  |  April 29, 2016 at 12:35 am

    I am seeking info on my g g grandmother Emily Jane Harrell Little, b.1826 (?) married to my g g grandfather James Ethelbert Little b.1815 (?). They lived in Lownders, Alabama, and later the family moved to Selma, AL. There are Harrells throughout my family used as a first name.

    • 4. Harrell Walton Little, Jr.  |  October 9, 2016 at 11:33 pm

      I am the g g grandson of James Ethelbert Little and Emily Jane Harrell Little and am seeking information on their parents. There are a number of Harrells in my family. I grew up in Trussville, AL. and my grandparents came from Selma, AL.


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