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Early history of the Oliver Family of Perry County, Alabama

The most important thing in the world is family and love” ~ John Wooden, basketball player and coach
NOTE: Dennis and Margaret “Muggie” Wyatt Oliver are the parents to Louvenia “Lula” Oliver Reid.
Lula married John Perry (Perry and Brent County, Ala). One of their children is Ora Dee Perry Ford, my grandmother.


Perry County, Alabama, near Marion and Old Town


Reubin Oliver b. 1845, farmer (Father from AL, Mother from GA)  married Edith “Edie” b. 1830 (both parents from TN)


Clarisy b. 1830

Jessie (son) b. 1851

Dennis b. Jan. 1857

Scott b. May 1863

Alferd/Alfred b. June 1866


Scott Oliver lived in Old Town, farmer dies May 5, 1915

wife Lou T b. Jan 1875

daughter, Francis b. 1897

son, Tom b, March 1899

son, Clifton, b. 1908

son (not named at time of census) b. 1910


1880 Census Old Town

Eady Oliver (widow) b. 1830, farmer

son, Dennis b. 1858, farmer
daughter-in-law, Emma, b. 1860

son, Scott b. 1865

son, Alferd b. 1866


Dennis Oliver married Margaret/Muggie b. Dec. 1860

Farmer, Marion (Off Mail Route 5)
Lula b. Dec 1896
Hattie b. 1902
Bertha b. 1903

Dennis Oliver died Feb. 17, 1937
He is buried in Camolite Cemetary

I just started this..please feel free to add in where needed. Or contact me if you are a relative. 🙂

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Welcome to In Our Hearts

Welcome Family and Friends,

Through “In Our Hearts”, I will show how the invisible connections between the past and the present shape our world, and our place (as individuals) in it.

Within each one of us is a legacy of memories, lessons, values and history passed down from those who walked before us. No matter how far you have traveled, or what separates you—the ties of family are intricately connected through the guiding hands of our ancestors watching over us. Sometimes the hands are gentle, other times the pull is strong. We are called to remember. We are called to teach our children from the lessons and experiences of family. We are called to question. We are called to open doors to healing. We are called to give voice to a forgotten past. We are all called by name, to return to the faded footsteps from which our very first steps began.

“In Our Hearts” is a tribute to the branches of my family tree(s): the Fords, Martins, Mortons, Green(e)s and all related branches. I invite you to contribute to this page, so that all our precious memories, and family history can be preserved. Please feel free to include anything you think is relevant—stories, pictures, recipes, genealogy, current events, etc.  I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

My sincere gratitude goes out to my family. I thank all of you taking the time and effort to share with me. I thank my grandparents and ancestors for their efforts, dreams, and sacrifices. I wake up each morning with appreciation, and awe of how your work and love created such a life, such opportunities.

In Joy, Love & Peace, In Our Hearts ©2007



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