Jordan Martin (b. 1833), farm laborer m.

Jane “Judge” Martin (b. 1846), housekeeper



Jordan m. Jane “Judge” Martin

Dau. Sarah Jane Martin (b. April 1871) m. Simon Robbins (b. 1874, parents are David and Emily Robbins), one child: Mary Ella Martin Morton b. July 15,1897-1986. Sarah Jane and Simon Robbins lived in Summerfield (Dallas County, AL) and grew up together, their families worked and lived on the same land.

Mary Ella Martin (“Mel”, “May Ella”, “Belle”, Big Momma) – Pettus Ford, son. Robert Ford (b. Jan 1,1910-1957). Also went by Robert Martin and nicknames “Spicey” and “Bud/Buddy”. Mary Ella Martin later married Percy Morton, and had 5 other children.

Robert Ford m. Ora Dee Perry (b. May 17,1926-1957. Her parents are John Perry and Louvenia “Lula” Reid Perry of Perry County and Brent Alabama).  Had 8 children together. 

Note: The FORD family also married into the GREEN family, whose genealogy is also researched on “In Our Hearts“. According to family sources, the brother of Pettus Ford married into the Green family; I am still researching both of these families.




William/Willie, b. May 1869. (Needs further research) Wife may have been Delia or Della, b. April 1878. Children: Jennie b. July 1895, Ada M. b Sept. 1896, Louesa b. July 1897, Rosey, John b. 1900. Farmer.

(Needs Further Research) Annie, child Herbert Martin b. June 8, 1916-Sept. 9, 2009.


Sarah Jane b. April 1871. First husband was Simon Robbins, one child Mary Ella Martin (Mary, Mel, May Ella, Belle) b. July 15,1897.

(Needs further research) Jim Green b. 1871 m. Sarah J. (Martin) Greeb b. 1876. Daughter Lettie Green b. 1908. Listed on census as residing with nephew Lettie/Levie Martin Jr. b. 1907 and Nephew Lurn Martin b. 1906. Resided in Summerfield, Broad Rd. Farm laborer.


James/Jim b. 1873. (needs further research) wife may have been Lucy, b. 1888. Children: Frank b. May 1880, Hubbard b. August 1898, Jordan b. 1899. Resided in Summerfield (Dallas County, AL)


Agnes b. 1875-Jan. 26, 1948.


Julia b. 1882-1974. married William Phillips, b.1861. Daughter Sarah 1906. Resided in Woodtown, Summerfield and Selma (Dallas County, AL).


Luke b.1885. Resided in Valley Creek (Dallas County, AL). May have died in 1951. Married Mollyana/Melyena (b. 1893). Children Julia b.1913, Laman b. 1914.


West/Wes b. 1893 –May 8, 1923. married Alberta McIlwan/Mc Clwain Martin. Children: Malachi, Rosa, Aldolphus and CD “Dugga” Martin.


Lettie b. 1900 –Sept 17, 1946. married Richman “Rich” Austin, resided in Brent (Bibb Co, AL). Children: Richman A. Austin (b.1922), Ethel M. Austin (b. 1926), Dewitt Austin (b. 1929) and Fannie B. Austin (b. 1930).

Bama M. Dock d. April 24, 1971. Daughter is Jane.



1850 Slave Schedule Henry Martin:



Bama M. Dock Martin Death Certificate (Dallas County, Ala):



Frank Martin 1918 Draft Card (Dallas County, Ala):


Herbert Martin WWI Draft Registration Card:


Lettie Austin Martin Headstone (Bibb County, Ala):


Luke Martin 1918 Draft Card (Dallas County, Ala.):


Luke and Melyena Martin 1920 Census:



Sarah J. and Jim Green:


West Martin WWI Draft Card:



Wes Martin Death Certificate (Dallas County, Ala):


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